Museum Petersberg im Saalekreis + Zoo Petersberg

Zoo Petersberg

We offer our visitors the whole year round pure nature. Since 1965 exist on a 1,5 ha large natural terrain a small zoo. There live at the moment nearly 350 animals from over 70 species.


Our focus is rearing and maintenance of native wild and domestic animals such as lynx, foxes, horses, and sheep, but also storks and many other animal species. There is also some public appeal Animals such as the rarely polar wolves.


The Zoo is very family-friendly designed. We show – so far it is possible – animals to feet and to touch. Because of animal welfare reasons you can get animal food only at our cashbox or at the foodboxes.


Also it is possible to take sponsorship of the animals. By the financial support you contribute  to the preservation of the zoo petersberg. You’ve got any question or you are interested in a sponsorship? Then our staff are under phone (049) 034 606 / 20229 available.

Also it is possible to participate in feeding rounds through the zoo Petersberg.

Contact: Phone: (049) 034606-20229 or (049) 034606-29314

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