Museum Petersberg im Saalekreis + partnership Museum Petersberg and Muzeum ...

partnership Museum Petersberg and Muzeum regionalne w siedlcach

As part of the regional partnership "Saxony-Anhalt – Masovian Voivodship” since 10/1/2012, exists the first partnership and cooperation agreement between two cultural institutions. Since 2010, there are close contacts between the Museum Petersberg and the Regional Museum in Siedlce.

As a result of the cooperation so far has been jointly developed a wide-ranging partnership agreement and an agreement to exchange exhibitions.


Both contracts will be formally signed during the visit of the Polish Museum colleagues in Saxony-Anhalt on 10/1/2012 by the club chairman Dr. Christoph Bergner, MP and the Director of the Regional Museum in Siedlce Mr. Andrzej Matuszewicz.

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