Museum Petersberg im Saalekreis + Förderverein Erholungsgebiet Petersberg ...

Förderverein Erholungsgebiet Petersberg e.V.

 About the foundation


The office of the foundation...

... is in the museum at the Petersberg.

The non government organisation "Förderverein Erholungsgebiet Petersberg e.V." was founded in 1994.

Since 1/1/2000 the foundation ha staken over the sponsorship of the zoo Petersberg and on 3/1/2001 the museum was integrated into the foundation.

The latest establishment of the foundation is the forest adventure park on Petersberg.

The members

... of the Foundation are the county Saalekreis as the largest member, the municipality Petersberg with the villages Brachstedt, Gutenberg, Krosigk Kütten, Morl, Nehlitz, Ostrava, Peter Berg, Sennewitz, Teicha and Wallwitz, the city Wettin-Löbejün with the villages Brachwitz, Döblitz, Domnitz, Dößel, Gimritz, Löbejün, Nauen There, Neutz-Lettewitz, roach, Rothenburg and Wettin, as well as businesses and individuals.

The tasks of the Foundation
... have expanded over the past few years. This is justified by the fact that the foundation stand up for the useful cooperation of various stakeholders at the Petersberg and the foundation-area. The foundation strives to make the Petersberg and his landscape accordingly to the natural conditions and cultural traditions, into a center of encounter with nature, art and history.

The foundation effort exclusive non-profit marks

To optimize the leisure time on the Petersberg for visitors and the riding associations of the surrounding area the foundation developed in collaboration with the Care Forestry Office Naumburg and the County riding association a riding and hiking trail system.

1. Around the Petersberg

For the visitors the hiking trail system around the Petersberg makes it happen to explore the diversity of the landscape, natural monuments and heritage sites. For this purpose a hiking and riding map is published.

The aims of the foundation are, inter alia,

the construction of bike paths and a nature trail between Krosigk and Petersberg

  • as an non-profit aim the foundation investigate the promotion of the home care and local history, inter alia, by operating the museum. More non-profit tasks are the promotion care and education of youth, also the promotion of conservation of monuments etc. especially by the subervision of the Bismarckturm.

  • The development and promotion of cultural activities which for decades takes place

The Founndation

... is since 11/19/1998 approved as a support of the youth welfare in county of Saalekreis. In this occasion it is in particular to care and to support socially deprived young people. The offers of the Foundation are so designed that all children, youth and young adults will be

involved by their needs and inters

The managing board

Dr. Cristoph Bergner, MdB        (Chairman)

Knut Bichoel, Landrat a.D.          (honorary Chairman) 

Antje Klecar, mayoress oft he town Wettin-Löbejün

Ulli Leipnitz, mayor of the municipality Petersberg

Gert-Dieter Sabinarz

Boris Mocek

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